KnotAPI vs Strivve

Knot API is the #1 card-on-file updater. It may seem that KnotAPI’s Card on File switcher and Strivve’s CardUpdatr are similar products, but in reality, there are some pretty big differences between the two. Read on, or schedule a demo to see for yourself.

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Strivve CardUpdatr


✅ +1,000 merchants supported

✅ Additional merchants added daily

❌ 60-90 merchants supported

Design & Personalization

✅ Inherits UI of your app

✅ Custom experience to put your users in control

✅ Self-serve customization via Knot's dashboard

❌ Limited personalization capabilities


✅ Native iOS, Android, and Web frameworks

✅ SSO login support (Google, Facebook, GitHub)

✅ Password manager support

❌ No SSO login support

❌ No Password Manager support


✅ Ready within days.

✅ Implementation begins immediately

✅ Dedicated implementation lead

❌ Long implementation time

❌ Limited implementation support


✅ Powerful self-serve dashboard to see all critical data about your Knot account in real time

❌ Provided on an ad-hoc basis


✅ 24/7 support for your team

✅ Reach us through any of your favorite communication channels

❌ Unclear


✅ PCI and SOC 2 compliant

✅ Real time analysis in Trust Center

✅ PCI Compliant

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Knot provides developers with simple tools they can use to create great experiences for their customers. What can you build?

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Making it easy and instant for consumers to switch their bill payment is the other side of the coin of payroll switching and will be game changer - hugely valuable feature for Banks and Neobanks to offer their customers.


Ethan Bloch, Founder & CEO, Digit