Putting the power in the hands of your business banking customers

Knot ties everything from switching business card on file to vendor credential management together.

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When a new business banking customer sign up, updating their new corporate card info at each of their vendors is time-consuming and complex. Customers report spending hours of valuable time updating their payment info, and ultimately delay or decide not to switch, losing revenue for your bank.


Knot allows users to quickly and securely switch their old card on file information to their new card information. Knot gives you the power to allow your customers to instantly update their card information across the merchants they use. This means more bank account utilization from day one, and more revenue for your bank.

Amazon Starbucks
Netflix Walmart


Update new card info
virtually everywhere

All the merchants your customers know and love. Google Cloud, AWS, Quickbooks, and lots more!

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“This is a must have for any fintech looking to grow purchase volume.”


Eric Wei - CEO of Karat Financial

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