Automatically update saved passwords on behalf of your customers

Create an easy experience for your customers to update their account passwords across the web.

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Password managers recommend you to update a password, but actually updating the password is a tedious process. Even using a password manager, one must frequently manually change their password to minimize risk and avoid password expirations.


Using the Knot Password Updater you can:
Securely track passwords on behalf of your customers.
Automatically monitor for password reuse and leaks.
Programmatically update passwords on behalf of your customers, ultimately giving your customers more peace of mind and security.

Amazon Starbucks
Netflix Walmart
Lyft Uber


Update passwords at the websites and apps you know and love.

Amazon, Lyft, Starbucks, Netflix, Uber and many more!

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“After a breach, users rarely change their passwords, and when they do, they’re often weaker.”


Carnegie Mellon University Security and Privacy Institute

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