Make switching banks easy for your customers

Simplify bank onboarding by automatically migrating your customer’s existing banking relationships.

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For consumers, opening a new bank account can be a daunting task. Subscriptions like internet and phone providers, streaming services, ride share apps, etc. need to be migrated from the old bank to the new bank. Switching them all is daunting for your customers. It can take days to complete, and it's prone to user error which means lost interchange.


Knot allows users to quickly and securely switch their old card on file information to their new card information. Knot gives you the power to allow your customers to instantly update their card information across the merchants they use. This means more bank account utilization from day one, and more revenue for your bank.


Become top of wallet
from day one.

Increase frequency of transactions by automatically
updating card on file and saved payment methods.

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Increase funding of new

By changing their payment methods to your bank, users will hold more money at your institution and make it a no-brainer to switch their direct deposit

Making it easy and instant for consumers to switch their bill payment is the other side of the coin of payroll switching and will be game changer - hugely valuable feature for Banks and Neobanks to offer their customers.


Ethan Bloch, Founder & CEO, Digit

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