Save time for your customers by creating accounts for them

Avoid lengthy sign up forms when referring your customers to third party websites and apps, maximizing conversions and creating new business opportunities.

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Stop linking out your customers to other
websites. Create accounts for them.

Increase conversions with just a few lines of code.

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All of the websites you know

Select the desired service where you want to create an account. If we don’t have it, let us know and Knot will spin it up for you.

Easy for your customers

Embed 1-click call to actions in your product -allow your users click them to create accounts effortlessly.

We do the heavy lifting

Leverage your existing user info to populate lengthy sign up forms.

Grow your payment volume

Use Knot’s Card on File Switcher to embed your card as the default payment method for the newly created accounts.

Amazon Starbucks
Netflix Walmart
Lyft Uber


Create new accounts
virtually anywhere

99% of top platforms are supported and we’re constantly adding more.

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“Almost 1 in 4 US adults forego signing up for a user account because of the time involved, saying the process takes too long.”


DMI Consumer Survey

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