Cancel subscriptions for your customers. Simplify their life.

Cancel, pause and update subscriptions on behalf of your customers.

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Subscriptions programatically
canceled in seconds

Manage all of your customer’s subscriptions with just a few lines of code.

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Lightning Fast Updates

Knot can update most common subscriptions, and if anything’s missing, we’ll add it.

Cancel in just a few seconds

Subscription updating only requries credentials from your customers.

Security First

Login information is encrypted and never shared outside of Knot.

Ecosystem integration

Knot slots into your product to keep your customers in your application.

Amazon Starbucks
Netflix Walmart
Lyft Uber


Update subscriptions
virtually everywhere

99% of top subscription platforms are supported and we’re constantly adding more.

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Canceling Online Subscriptions Is Confusing, Difficult and Absurd...
by Design


2022 CNET

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Knot provides developers with simple tools they can use to create great experiences for their customers. What can you build?

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