You are in control of your data

Knot only shares the data that you authorize to share. We never share your personal information without your permission.

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How is your data handled?

Knot helps you connect your online accounts to other apps in a simple way, so you can enjoy the benefits of automation and interoperability. When this happens your data might flow from one app to the other. Here is how the process works:

To link your online accounts to an app, simply provide the username and password associated with those accounts. Tip: if you use a password manager you can also import all your passwords to speed up the process.

Knot verifies your ownership of your accounts, and connects both apps together.

Knot automation technology executes the actions you want us to perform on your behalf. We might also retrieve any information from you that you authorized.

We then securely send back the result of the actions executed and the data back to the app you’re using.

The secure connection that was established is now under your control - you can choose to unlink the accounts at any time.


What type of data do we help apps exchange?

Our partner apps use your data from other apps you authorize, to provide better services to you. You will always be asked to confirm your permission to share this data. Depending on the app, the types of data you can share include things like:

Account holder Information

(e.g., names, identification numbers)

Financial Data

(e.g., Account Balances, Investments Data, Loan Information)

Browsing Data

Transaction Data

We designed Knot with the highest security standards

Our security systems are built with the most advanced practices in the industry.

Data encryption

We use an Advanced Encryption Standard (AES-256) which means your data is safeguarded.


Knot will not skip additional authentication layers from the services we connect to.


The Knot APIs are continuously monitored and tested for vulnerabilities by our Security Technology Team.

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Knot provides developers with simple tools they can use to create great experiences for their customers. What can you build?

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