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Deliver new automation services to delight your customer base, and monetize it. Create accounts for your customers, switch their cards, and more with Knot!

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There is little room for differentiation and monetization among Personal Finance apps. Most offer similar tablestake services like transaction monitoring, budgeting, and credit score reporting.


Using Knot API, you can now maximize sign-up bonuses for your customers by creating accounts for them, help them manage budgets more efficiently by canceling or pausing unused subscriptions, or even help them maximize card rewards by switching the card on file. Knot opens a world of possibilities to innovate new services to delight your customers.


Maximize sign-up bonuses for your customers

Use Knot’s Account Creator to magically spin up accounts on behalf of your customers.

Enable savings $$$ on unwanted subscriptions

Expand your offering with Subscription Canceler.

“Truebill, a subscription canceler, was on track to make $100M in revenue before they were acquired by Rocket Mortgage for $1.2B.”



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